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Iron Ears: Data Structure

Iron Ears is a game of puzzle-strategy gender in which you controls the Iron Ears' production line.

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Alexandre da Rosa

Alexandre, "fondly" knows as Awe for the team, is our Project Manager, which means he is the responsable for manage the time and the tasks of each member of the team. His hobbies include to watch the largest number of series on his endless list, and now watch the Star Wars saga after so many years of such ignorance.

Gabriel Vaz Igarashi

Gabriel is our Lead Programmer. Do you have something too complex to programming? To him, it's a piece of cake, most of the time... Besides that, he's also a human encyclopedia about animes e mangas, in love with nipponese culture, he always has an opinion about anything related to it, even if it's controversial.

Rafael Hitoshi de Oliveira

Rafael acts as our Art Director, working from concept arts till the elements that will be on the final version of the game. He gives life to the craziness of the team, or cut them off, when these are too crazy. His main hobbies are draw and play Megaman games, altough he does not lose a good party on weekends.

Romualdo Viana Filho

Romualdo, a.k.a "Dinho", is the Technical Director of NPC42. If you need to know if is possible to make that original and totally genious mechanic, He will tell you. Horror movies are his favorites, even the bad ones. He really does not make any distinction, but we can handle it... Also, he is probably the biggest fan of Ricky and Morty in the world.

Vinicius S Pereira

Vinicius is our Game Designer and source of all madness that you see on the screen, besides being the headache of the rest of the team. Responsable for bring fanciful ideas to the game and above all, make sure that everything will be amusing. His hobbies include to read 300 pages per day of some brand new book on his endless library and play a lot, and I mean it, RPG.